Sacrament of Baptism

Baptisms are typically scheduled for Sundays at 2 pm in the church. Those wishing to have a child baptized at the National Shrine must be members of the parish. One parent must be a Confirmed Roman Catholic. One of the godparents (one male, one female) must be a Confirmed Roman Catholic.

To sign up for a baptismal class (required for baptism, usually held on the first Wednesday of the month), please contact Charlene Lewandowski in the Rectory at 248.541.4122 ext 410.

Baptismal Record Request Form

All requests for Baptismal records must be done in writing and may only be requested by the parent or individual. NO certificates are issued for genealogical purposes. All records that are open to research are available at the Burton Historical Collection at the main branch of the Detroit Public Library.

Click here to download the form to Request a Copy of a Baptismal Certificate