The League of the Little Flower was established in the early 1930’s to help support the building and ongoing maintenance of this beautiful and magnificent church. During the time of its inception every parishioner and member of the congregation was challenged to canvass friends in (Michigan) and outside (Michigan) to join the League of the Little Flower. This initiative to recruit new members to the league is being launched through our annual Lenten Appeal, St. Therese Feast Day Appeal and Christmas Appeal. New members will be remembered at a special Mass during Holy Week and in other special liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

We recognize the tremendous responsibility to spread the Gospel message to all who visit the Shrine. We have a debt to the future to do just that. It is a common debt, to Our Mother the Church, who depends on us all to keep the Faith alive and strong. This debt we cannot discharge, unless we foster and support our Catholic Faith to the very limit of our combined strength.

Your support and annual membership in the League of the Little Flower will support the spiritual life of the Shrine. Your support will also help to defray the costs involved with ongoing maintenance, and, as well, support our Christian Service ministries and outreach to our greater community.

As St. Paul wrote to the Colossians (1:24):

“I rejoice in what I am suffering for you; for I make up in my own body what Christ still has to suffer for the sake of his body, the Church.”

To become a member of the League of the Little Flower please contact the Development Office at 248-541-4122.