Shrine hosts the South Oakland Warming Center (SOWC) for two weeks in the late winter along with the Berkley Community Church. This service welcomes the area homeless men and women by providing safe overnight shelter, a hot meal, breakfast and a bag lunch. There are various positions and needs for volunteers from co-chairing kitchen activities, meal coordination, blanket distribution, nightwatch, clean-up, communications, chaperoning. Contact Pat: 248-548-8928;

The Welcome Inn is a daytime Warming Center operated from December through March to provide shelter, food, hygiene opportunities, and social services for our area homeless men and women. This ecumenical service is funded and assisted through local churches and fundraising done through the SOCH, South Oakland Citizens for the Homeless. Volunteers provide food, winter wear, hospitality, AA leadership, computer skills, etc. Contact: Norma 248-585-7021;

Traditionally, Shrine and Berkley Community Church host the South Oakland Shelter (SOS) serving 30 homeless individuals, including those with children, by providing overnight shelter, warm meals, and grooming and hygiene opportunities, for one of the 52 weeks. (Currently, another church has taken over the week we were assigned.) Volunteers serve as meal coordinators, blanket distributors, transportation/drivers, and social activity planners. Contact: 248-809-3773.