C.R.E.W High School Youth Ministry

CREW is a high school youth group and stands for Catholic, Relationships, Evangelization and Worship which are the core values that we try to convey to the teenagers. There has been a youth group at Shrine for many years but under various names (i.e. Lifeteen, Cross Connections, youth group and CREW). CREW exists so that high school aged teens have a safe environment to come to and not only learn about their faith and how to evangelize to others but meet other Catholic teens and learn how their faith and relationship with Christ can help them navigate the trivial time that high school tends to be.

Besides our regular CREW meetings and social outings we also participate in the Rainbow Conference (a CYO conference held in Detroit), the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) held every other year in different cities around the country and World Youth Day which is held every two or three years in different countries around the world.