For more information, contact:
Rob Abbott, Director of Liturgical Music
(248) 541-4122 ext. 442, or rabbott@shrinechurch.com

According to the documents of the Church, the most important musical offering in the Liturgy is the singing of all the Gathered Faithful together. As such, the true Parish Choir of the Shrine sings whenever our community gathers and the people in the assembly offer their voices in song.

This choir appears at the 10:45 a.m. Sunday Mass and other principal liturgies of the year, offering Gregorian chant, psalms and choral repertoire focussing on the Church’s historical treasury of Sacred Music. Participation in this group will be easiest for those with musicianship skills such as sight-reading and versatile vocal production. Rehearsals are held at 7 p.m. on Thursdays and 10 a.m. on Sundays.

Adult singers of any ability level are asked to consider participating in this group. The format will be a laid-back workshop where singing skills will be developed and applied to the three main components of Catholic music: Gregorian chant, Renaissance polyphony and Contemporary song. The group will offer music at various liturgies throughout the year, but not on a weekly basis, and not at the same weekend liturgy each time. Weekly rehearsal times will be scheduled according to the availability of the participants.

Children in grades 3 and up have the opportunity to train as liturgical music ministers in the Shrine Treble Choir. The choir appears in the Liturgy on various Sundays and holy days of the year. In order to ensure that the choir is appropriately prepared, choir members are asked to attend two of four regularly scheduled weekly rehearsal opportunities. Rehearsals are scheduled according to the availability of the members of the choir.

From the Sunday after Corpus Christi to Labor Day weekend, all singers of all ages and abilities are invited to meet at 10 am in the Undercroft Choir Room (accessible via the southeast (Heritage Hall) vestibule) to rehearse the music to be offered at the 10:45 am Sunday Mass. Participation in the Summer Choir is an excellent way to “try out” the experience of choral singing at Shrine, and often leads to an interest in participation in one of our other choirs.

The Resurrection Choir ministers through prayer and music at parish funerals. Members are notified by telephone when they are needed to offer prayers and song at a parish funeral Mass.