Adult Altar Servers

In July 1996, Monsignor William H. Easton encouraged parishoner Bill Dixon to establish a team of men to serve as adult altar servers to assist in celebrating funeral Masses for the National Shrine Community. This group consists of generally senior men who enjoy the opportunity of helping out at Mass in this special way.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

This ministry was formed to assist the Priest in the service of distributing the Body and Blood of Christ during course of the Mass.

Funeral Choir

Funeral Luncheon Team

The Funeral Lunch Teams are Ladies Guild Members who rotate as teams to set the tables, serve the catered food, and clean up for funeral luncheons. Teams are assigned by the Funeral Luncheon Coordinator, who is notified by the parish office when a luncheon in the Shrine Conference Center is requested. Others bake cakes and provide beverages for funeral luncheons.

Funeral Vigils

Contact the parish office at 248.541.4122 x 410 to arrange funeral or memorial services

Lending Library

Through prayer the Holy Spirit inspired us to start a library. Four parishioners met and submitted a proposal to Msgr. Easton for approval. The library was opened in October, 2004 in the Coughlin Building, and transferred to Room C of the Conference Center in June 2005 and was run by JoAn Gilleran and Kathy McGuire. Our purpose is to share the treasury of the Catholic Church through the resources of books, DVDs and CDs.

Ministers of Hospitality/Ushers

Music Ministries

Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

Please call Marie Lama at 248.655.0309 or email her at if you would like to resolve to honor our Lord by signing up for a Holy Hour in 2018.  SAVE THE DATE! February 15, the Thursday after Ash Wednesday this year, marks our 30th anniversary of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration at the Shrine.  We will be having an evening Holy Hour. More details to come.

Soul Core

SoulCore is a prayerful experience that pairs core strengthening, stretching and functional movement with the prayers of the rosary, a sensory experience combining candlelight, music, scripture, reflections and movement to nourish mind, body and soul and to encourage deeper meditationi on the mysteries and virtues of hte rosary. SoulCore is a movement all its own, and is not tied or affiliiated with any other exercise disciplines. SC is an invitation to integrate body and soul in prayer, fully orienting the heart and mind toward Christ, whild discovering the beauty of the rosary. A gentle healing path to grow in virtue, interior peace and strength. The Soulcore founders, Deanne Miller and Susan Saccaro have trained leaders across the US and overseas, as well as the Shrine’s leaders.

Stewardship Commission

Vocation Committee

Pray for Vocations 31 Club, Pick a day of the month and signup at the church entrance.  No Dues. No Meetings. Just Prayers.

Worship Commission