Dads’ Club – Grade School and Academy

The Shrine Grade School and Academy Dads’ Club has been formally organized for over 30 years. Briefly stated, our mission is:

  • Provide support and services to the Grade School and the Academy.
  • Administer and fund the athletic program for Shrine students in grades K-8.
  • Volunteer and fund raise for the benefit of our kids.
  • Serve as a Parish organization by supporting the Master Plan, leading fellowship initiatives, and planning the annual Dream Cruise party.

Initiatives led by the club include: support at the annual Christmas Tree Sale, the annual Dream Cruise party, the annual Pumpkin Sale, pancake breakfasts, Spirit Day for the K-3rd grade at the Fieldhouse, concession stands at football and basketball games, the basketball tournaments at Thanksgiving and Christmas, the IM Basketball program for the 1st – 3rd grade, and helping wherever else possible.

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Dads’ Club – High School

We are a service organization with a long history of providing labor and resources to events and programs at Shrine Catholic High School and Academy. The Dads’ Club contributes to the Master Plan and supports the school with scholarships and funding for athletics, the yearbook, the Observer Newspaper, the Spring Musical, the Music Department, and all the various clubs and student organizations. We supply not only financial support but manpower for a wide variety of student activities.

We help keep the interscholastic teams staffed with supplies and work to improve the facilities that help make Shrine sports teams successful every year. Working together, Shrine Dads display an active example of Catholic charity and fraternity, contributing to the successful education of our sons and daughters.

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Mothers’ Club – Grade School

The purpose of the Mothers’ Club is to enhance the Shrine community through our services, concern and commitment. The Mothers’ Club is comprised of a board of four elected officers, approximately 47 chairpersons and 28 committees that provide fundraising, service and social connections for our community. Together, we assist the school administration and staff, enrich student educational opportunities, promote social events and hold fundraisers. The Mothers’ Club weekly newsletter is distributed via email and meetings occur monthly. There are a wide range of flexible time commitments available during the day, evening and weekends. Because many hands aid with the success of our committees, all are encouraged to play an active role to help advance the welfare of the children in our school.

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Mothers’ Club – Academy and High School

The objective of the Shrine High School and Academy Mothers’ Club is to create a greater appreciation of Catholic education, provide financial aid and/or service for High School and Academy projects, build cooperation between parents, faculty, and students and to further the interests of Shrine Catholic High School and Academy.

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Homeschool Group

The Homeschool Families at Shrine are families who educate their children at home. They come together to worship, celebrate the liturgical year, serve the parish in a variety of ways, and support each other in their homeschooling efforts.

Holy Hour: Every Thursday, 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm in the Adoration Chapel. Please bring your children to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Stay for a couple of minutes or stay for an hour. Jesus is waiting to shine His love on your family. For general information about Shrine Homeschooling Families, call Mrs. Melanie Smith at 248.439.2095 or email

Preschool/Elementary Religious Formation

Our program builds upon the four components of Religious Formation: EDUCATION, SERVICE, WORSHIP and FELLOWSHIP

Special activities and service opportunities are provided to all throughout the year, giving each the chance to share Jesus, the Living Word, with families and community.

For more information please contact Janie Lynch,, Preschool – Grade 6, Reconciliation, First Communion, RCIA for Children, Special Needs Religious Formation.

High School Athletics

The mission of the Shrine High School Athletic Department is to provide a holistic experience for our athletes which fosters and encourages the areas of an industrious work ethic, team work, goal setting and a commitment toward individual responsibility and individual growth.

Grade School CYO

CYO Athletics (Catholic Youth Organization) serves parish youth by offering organized sports teams that compete in a Christian environment. The program is supported by the Shrine Catholic Grade School & Academy Dads’ Club.

United School Board

 The USB has historically been an advisory board structured to be flexible, integrated, student-focused, open and accessible, and self-changing. It is because of the original intent that the USB be self-changing that these guidelines are being amended to reflect the changing environment facing not only the School, but Catholic schools throughout the United States.

The purpose of the USB is to create policy and oversee action recommendations that are consistent with the objectives of the strategic planning of the School. The USB, while continuing with its consultative and advisory roles, will proactively develop and implement strategies and objectives and timely address issues impacting the short and long-term viability of the School.

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